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Mortgage Terms

There’s an old saying: “The lowest rate will save you hundreds, but the wrong term can cost you thousands.” Put another way: your mortgage term can have a far greater impact on interest cost than the up-front interest rate. That’s because your term determines the length of time you’re locked into a rate. That, in […]

Espanola, Ontario Mortgage

“Espanola” has been attributed to a story which dates back to the 18th century. The First Nations Ojibwa tribe of the area sent a raiding party a long distance to the south and brought back with them a white woman that spoke Spanish. The woman married a local Annishnabeg of a family living near the […]

Cochrane, Ontario

Cochrane is a town in the province of Ontario, situated on Highway 11. Highway 11 is the highway in the area and is part of the Trans-Canada Highway. The town’s population is approximately half anglophone and half francophone residents. Cochrane is located east of Kapuskasing, northeast of Timmins, south of Moosonee, and north of Iroquois […]

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay (2006 census population 109,140), formerly the twin cities of Fort William and Port Arthur, is a city in and the seat of Thunder Bay District, Ontario, Canada. It is the most populous municipality in Northwestern Ontario and the second most populous in Northern Ontario after Sudbury. The census metropolitan area of Thunder Bay […]