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Cottage Life In Northern Ontario

Northern Ontario is home to the best cottages in Canada.  Sudbury, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst are just some areas in Northern Ontario that have great cottages and outdoor scenery.  Cottages are great for vacation properties and for investment properties.  Whether it be to escape the loudness of the city, enjoy peace and quiet, breath in fresh air, participate in outdoor activities, or simply to view Mother Nature, cottage living in Northern Ontario are great for quick mini vacations.  Also owning your cottage in Northern Ontario can yield a great rate for real estate investors.  One can easily rent a cottage in Northern Ontario for $1,000 per week.  That’s $52,000 per year!  So if you buy a cottage in Northern Ontario for $350,000 and collect annual rent of $52,000, that would yield 15% annually!  So if it is for recreational or investment purposes, owning a cottage in Northern Ontario is a fantastic idea which has many benefits.     

Posted by Kevin Somnauth, CFA, for your Sudbury Mortgage.

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