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Bracebridge Ontario

Bracebridge, the Heart of Muskoka!

Bracebridge is a growing community with over 16,000 residents.  Bracebridge offers an amazing lifestyle opportunity for those who want a variety of things to see and do, as well as some fabulous shopping opportunities.  Over the past number of years Bracebridge’s educational and cultural opportunities have expanded through the development of the new Rene M. Caisse Memorial Theatre, new secondary schools and expansions of Nipissing University and Georgian College.

History of Bracebridge

In early days, Muskoka was built on fur trading, forestry (logs and tan bark), farming (reason for the Muskoka /colonization road) and water. Water for hydraulic power to turn the wheels of industry (saw mills, grist mill). Water for hydro electric energy, water for transportation and water for recreation

The falls were the reason Bracebridge grew when many other Muskoka settlements did not. North Falls was the end of navigable water on the Muskoka River and the best place for the Muskoka Colonization Road to cross the North Branch. The junction of road and water thus formed was the nucleus of Bracebridge.

A village in1875 and a Town of 1889, Bracebridge is the official business, and very nearly the geographic, center of Muskoka.

Cottages in Bracebridge

Bracebridge is for the person who enjoys the outdoors; it has the best cottages in Canada.  With some of the best scenery in the province, Bracebridge is an excellent place to purchase a cottage and enjoy nature.  So if you want to escape the city and want to enjoy the Mother Nature, consider Bracebridge for your new cottage.

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