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Mortgage Sudbury

Greater Sudbury is a city of 157,857 and serves as the regional capital of North-Eastern Ontario at the intersection of the TransCanada Highway, Highway 69 South and Highway 144 North. It is located 390 kilometres north of Toronto. Sudbury is one of the largest municipalities, by area, in Canada with plenty of open space, freshwater […]

Present State Of Canadian Mortgage Rates

Many potential home purchasers are curious about the present state of mortgage rates given recent news and mortgage rate increases.  Are mortgage rates too high now?  Is it worth buying a home now given these mortgage rate increases?  With the introduction of the HST, is buying a home a smart investment?  From a financial view, […]

Bank Of Canada Raises Prime Rate…by 25 Basis Points?

The big announcement in finance yesterday, was that the Bank of Canada finally raised their prime rate.  Now although raising the prime rate was not a surprising announcement to the market, the amount they raised it by was.  Economists predict that the Bank Of Canada’s prime rate will be 3.25% by the end of 2010.  […]